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Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Party Planning Tips

Q. Do You Set Up the Equipment & Show Us How To Use It?

A. Yes, We Deliver, Set Up & Demonstarte How Easy the Karaoke, JukeBox &/or Slush Machine Is To Use

Q. What Tips Can You Offer on Planning a Successful Party or Event?

A. Planning an amazing party that your guests will love takes a little time and effort. It's easy to make simple mistakes that lead to a stressed out host and less than enthusiastic guests. Here are some common party planning mistakes to avoid when planning your next event.
1. Purchasing party supplies too late. Many people leave buying the decorations, lighting and paper goods until the last minute, then struggle to find everything that they need. Buying the supplies in advance means you can try out where you want your decorations to go before the actual party, so you'll be sure to get the best effect from them.
2. Not considering all the guests' needs. If you are going to be having children at your party you need to plan accordingly and provide food and distractions for them. You may need to child-proof certain areas of your home or even close off parts of the house to your young guests.
3. Not taking a head count. If guests don't RSVP you won't know how many people you will need food and drinks for. This could lead to wasting food or worse, not having enough to feed everyone.
4. Over complicating things. Unless you are planning an elaborate, lavish event for a wedding or major milestone, the best approach to party planning is to keep it simple. String lights, finger foods and some background music make any gathering a party.
5. Leaving your guests to entertain themselves. As a party host, it's your job to make sure everyone has a great time. Bust out traditional favourites such as karaoke and party games to get them to mingle and enjoy themselves. It may be easier to entertain children, but adults will appreciate the effort and enjoy themselves more if you make an effort to entertain them.
6. Not picking a theme. Themes are an easy way to make any party instantly more fun. Decorate accordingly and use themed party supplies to add to the overall effect. Cardboard cutouts and inflatable decorations add a lot of character to any themed party, and having your guests arrive in fancy dress is even better. The music is a key essential in this and a quality DJ will make all the difference. Visit www.KaraokeForASong.com.au to book a DJ, Juke Box or Karaoke Machine to enhance your party. Also, a slushee drink machine will provide drinks for everyone whilst letting you relax and enjoy your party. 


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