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Karaoke Hire Melbourne & Sydney Karaoke & Juke Box Hire

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Hire Karaoke Machines & JukeBox

Hire a Do It Yourself (DIY) Karaoke Machine with Thousands of Songs from Clasics to Top 40 Karaoke

  • Karaoke Hire Melbourne
  • Karaoke Hire Sydney
  • Ultimate Digital Video Jukebox & Karaoke - The Very Ultimate in a Combined Karaoke / Music Juke Box Unit
  • So Easy To Use & Many Thousands & thousands of songs digital karaoke & music Unit *

So Easy To Use

  • No need to handle Discs at all! Works like a video slot machine - learn how to use in seconds!!
  • Doubles as a Juke Box (Has Music Videos from classic to latest, Music from classic to latest & Karaoke from classic to latest TOP 40) - see example of the Karaoke List below (and that's just the karaoke songs - even more music and video clips!!!!) - Built In Video Screen!

NON - DISTORTING 250 watt Speakers (Beware of a lot of systems that have poor speakers) This sounds awesome!

  • Thousands of Songs from 1950s to very latest Top 40 - Words and Music Video Clips On a Built In TV Monitor Screen 2 Microphones Sparkler Disco Light that moves in time to the music and adds a great "Party" Effect!! - setup and left overnight - picked up next day
  • *(Styles vary slightly from area to area) Available as an All In One or Two Part System (for upstairs deliveries etc)

Examples of Our Comprehensive Karaoke Hire Lists*

In Melbourne we can also offer International Karaoke Song Lists:

Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Phillipine, Bangladesh, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Russian Karaoke Available...etc

CALL OR SMS US ON 0418344048

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Book Karaoke Juke Box DJ Slush Machine Hire

For Further Information Please call 0418 344 048 with your suburb & state

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